Acrisure Business Outsourcing Services, LLC (Acrisure) is a premier provider of PEO (Professional Employer Organization) services. Located in Grand Rapids, MI, Acrisure provides payroll and services to clients across the US. These services utilize technology to allow employers and employees access to Web-based information and give customers the upper hand in HR related areas.

In the last quarter of 2008, a decision was made by Acrisure to undergo a major transition within their business and IT infrastructure. Acrisure would be moving to a new building as well as migrating their data to a new network and servers. All of this had to occur with minimal downtime to payroll and other customer provided services. The additional deliverable requested was that all of this had to occur before the end of the year.

Capricorn Diversified Systems (Capricorn) was up to the challenge. From the beginning of the project, Capricorn was involved with all aspects of IT, including PC and server equipment, software and licensing, network equipment, low voltage wiring, data migration and project planning. We worked with Acrisure as well as various vendors and service providers to create a migration project plan that would meet Acrisure’s goals and assure a successful “first day”. To alleviate customer impact, Capricorn created a duplicate network at our facilities and prepped all server and network equipment. The actual cutover occurred over the New Year holiday around the clock to minimize downtime.

The move and migration was a success and Capricorn was able to introduce changes in business and IT that have helped Acrisure grow in their new environment.