The Detroit Public School (DPS) district is the largest public school system in Michigan. The district is home to over 90,000 students in 190+ school facilities. During the summer recess, DPS started a consolidation program for facilities and students. This consolidation included the disconnection of IT equipment in multiple locations.

Capricorn Diversified Systems was able to provide the know-how, management and man power for the IT equipment disconnection. The initial discussions of the project to implementation covered a little less than one week. Running on a tight schedule, we were able to dispatch multiple move teams over multiple locations. This included 17 sites spread across the city of Detroit. The total amount of IT equipment processed exceeded 1,800 units in a five day period.

Capricorn Diversified Systems had shown that it can mobilize a specialized force on short notice to multiple locations while managing to handle a large volume of work. In addition, multiple tiers of project management and supervision were employed to ensure a great outcome.