Domino’s Pizza Company Multi-Function Printer Fleet Management

Domino's Pizza has over 8,000 outlets in 61 international markets.

Capricorn Diversified Systems was contracted to provide Xerox Multi-Function Printing technology throughout Domino’s Pizza World Resource Center in Ann Arbor Michigan as well as their Distribution Centers, General Management and Regional offices across the United States.

The contract was awarded after an extensive competitive bidding process with thorough product testing, client needs analysis, training and support services. Consolidation of the existing printer fleet showed significant savings while providing additional functionality and color capabilities that were not available on their existing fleet. The execution of this contract between Xerox and Capricorn Diversified Systems was achieved by delivering this solution through a partnership with AccessOne Capital Group as the financing provider for a complete offering at a monthly fee that includes product, supplies, training and services.

The Xerox product offering includes a large number of Work Center Multi Function Devices with Color Printing, Scanning, Copying, Faxing, Emailing and Finishing capabilities.

The success of this printer Fleet Management Program has been validated through positive customer satisfaction surveys, follow-up training initiatives and overall technical assistance.