InterOne Marketing - (previously Ross Roy Communications, Inc.): TurnKey CapriCare

InterOne Marketing is a Bloomfield Hills based advertising agency, supplying services to Daimler-Chrysler Corporation. The company was behind the technology curve with outdated desktop computer systems, applications, infrastructure, server technology and a limited support staff. Their inventory consisted of 750 systems, Apple Macintosh computers and a limited supply of laptop computers. Various outdated applications were also being supported by a helpdesk staffed by only two people.

Capricorn Diversified Systems engaged in a three year CapriCare contract that included project managers, certified network engineers, a Unix system engineer, Helpdesk engineers, service technicians and a business administration engineer.

The contract involved strategic planning, consulting services, vendor management, image creation, white papers, infrastructure development, installation / support application servers, procurement / implementation of web servers, desktop computers, software, help desk and networking support services. This turn-key CapriCare solution provided project management and technical resources while displacing obsolete systems, replacing them with standard desktop computers, updated Apple Macintosh systems, new server technology and an on-going help desk support staff.

Our success was realized by providing and growing a complete information systems support staff and managing, not only day-to-day activities, but also participating or running projects that directly defined the success of our client’s business. Some of the projects we were involved with included application development for ISO-9000 certification, call center management with the implementation of new phone switch technology, complete project management / implementation of servers and a successful roll-out of over 600 new desktop, laptop and Macintosh computer systems.