St. John Health System Network and System Rollout

St John Health Systems instituted a new patient information system that required a common user desktop interface and more robust server technology for its 2400 users. In addition a re-deployment of displaced systems after reconfiguration into remote physicians offices was implemented.

Capricorn Diversified Systems was contracted to supply a staff of network engineers and sever technical engineers. Capricorn delivered 2400 Dell desktop computer systems with standard specifications to reduce support issues. All systems were delivered from Capricorn Diversified Systems warehouse and configuration center in Farmington Hills, Michigan. These systems were configured and deployed over four months with project management being provided by both Capricorn and the hospital.

Capricorn’s engineering professionals completed a successful rollout of new servers and desktops.

In an additional engagement, Capricorn provided a technical staff of ten people to assist in the upgrade of the common application interface.