Walled Lake is the leader in the use of Web based curriculum presentation and support. A combination of laptop computers and WiFi provides each classroom, student and teacher with immediate access to current curriculum, data archives, support materials and the Internet. The Walled Lake School District is comprised of 3 high schools, 4 middle schools and 14 elementary schools with over 15,000 total students. Elementary and middle schools provide fully integrated electronic curriculum and distance learning which is “first” in the state of Michigan.

Capricorn was awarded a contract to refine the Cisco ATM network design and configuration to meet the expanding needs of the district. We designed and installed gigabit technology with existing ATM architecture to allow a seamless transition from legacy systems to more advanced technology. In addition, we have provided design and technical support for their Network Server Systems.

Capricorn’s engineering staff created configuration and implementation standards for the appropriate Wireless Ethernet access point placement, power needs and network access. Utilizing the installed wireless systems, Capricorn was able to refine and streamline computer and peripheral configurations with fewer classroom interruptions while enhancing the students learning experience.

Capricorn provides major infrastructure support for the Walled Lake School District. Our engineering and field staff provides design and installation for the districts unshielded twisted pair, fiber optics and video presentation infrastructure.

We measure our success with Walled Lake Schools by Capricorn’s involvement in project planning and development at all levels along with ahead of schedule implementation of various projects. Capricorn’s flexibility and quick issue resolution both played key roles in the success of this project.